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Industrial Design



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Industrial Design

Background and values
As recently graduated designers we are now starting our journey creating Andersen & Bach Design Studio. We both graduated in June '21 with our cooperated master project; Flow, from The Royal Danish Academy. Besides our studies and start up we both work and have been working on contracts in the Industrial design field. 

We both value our time and work very efficiently. We have a professional attitude toward the tasks we take on. Both of us spend time to contemplate in our process and enjoy carrying a project through to the end. We are motivated solving user defined problems and always have a focus on the needs of the user and keep universal design in mind.

Our strong skills include design thinking, such as; problem solving where we apply several methods to define and visualize our design: hand sketching, 3D prints, cutting tests by CNC, and modelling in wood, foam boards, digital 3D and foam. Our first
to-go-to method is sketching where we fast can visualize ideas. Kirstine were thought design sketching during her years at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco together with problem solving, technical drawing and modelling.
Combining those skills with Nannas technical understanding of manufacturing processes and materials she was thought at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology brings us in a position being able to focus on thorough research, form, process and meaningful design taught at The Royal Danish Academy. These experiences have given us a solid fundamental of tools for a creative process where we can deliver innovative designs solutions. 

We design products to improve user function and interaction. We always think about sustainability in terms of material use, the combination of materials, how long a product can last and how big an impact the product have on the environment during production. These considerations are weighed against the best options available and we try to compromise between function, durability and sustainability. We treasure thin lines and finer shapes and details and we are well aware of bias in designs and how a gender accustomed design can exclude others. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or for inquiries on specific projects, designs, our cv's and portfolios. 

About us

User analysis

  • Researching on needs and user problems

  • Analysis on users understanding of our ideas and concepts

  • Proportions and ergonomics on different bodies and user abilities

  • Testing concepts through 3D prints, CNC cutter + laser cutter

  • Testing materials in context to each other.

  • Formgiving  in foam board, wood, clay, cibatool and more.

  • Sketching, illustrations, protocols, reports and more

  • Concepts in 3D, final CAD and renderings

  • Analog sketching, digital sketching, digital illustration



  • Possibilities of materials and production methods

  • Understanding sizes of the inner components

  • Research on technical possibilities across product fields

Components and formgiving

Our methods