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We are designers with a strategic user centered and problem-solving process that drives innovation, leads to better quality of life through innovative products, systems, services, and experiences. 

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Nanna and Kirstine’s work with Flow demonstrates design’s ability to meet actual human needs. The device looks like a regular water bottle, but in reality, it’s a lightweight device that allows patients to live a more active and social life with less focus on their disease.


Danish Design Award 2022

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Der er mange i Danmark, der har været gode til at gøre det mindre stigmatiserende at være syg, f.eks. Coloplast og Novo Nordisk. Og det synes vi, at Nanna og Kirstine har haft en sympatisk og gennemarbejdet vision for, hvilket er en af årsagerne til, at de vinder 1. præmien.

Rasmus Grusgaard

Innovationskonsulent, ​Plastindustrien

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I worked with Kirstine and Nanna several times on graphics and figures for my scientific articles. They took my chaotic ideas and gave them life. They were amazing at understanding my needs and wishes, and interpreting them into professional, clear and catchy messages.

Stanislav Jelavic

Researcher, Grenoble University

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The full process from brainstorming to the final design is always an inspiring and constructive process with Andersen & Bach. They communicate their ideas very clearly and It appears to be very easy for them to grasp my scientific illustrative needs and turn them into concise and clear infographics and stunning figures. They are never trying to cut corners and are invested in making the best design solution for me. 

Karina Sand

Associate Professor, Section for Geogenetics

University of Copenhagen

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These two designers are dedicated, serious and thorough in their design work. Their design is aesthetically, well thought out with fine details and finally well presented. Their engagement and curiosity makes you feel appreciated.

Karina Mose

Associate professor, MAA Industrial design

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Tiny Office


Evolutionary Geobiology Consortium






Evolutionary Geobiology Consortium

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Winner; Project Plastic

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Either you have an conceptual idea of a solution that can make a significant change or you are in the stage of creating a better version on something you have thought through. We learn from your work and can create value to where exactly you are in the process development. This means we will collaborate on work to be done for a faster and more rewarding process and result.

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